Rock Music: Alternative & Versatile

Billings Montana




From left to right: Wendolina Chávez – Vocals, Brian Epley – Guitar & Piano,
Pete Bolenbaugh – Bass & Piano, Kenneth Clark – Drums, Mike Beyl – Guitar.

In 2016 Billings Montana received a new original music band called “Not Your Boyfriend’s Band” who continues to bring alternative rock, soulful Blues, Sketch Ska, and an edgy granite style to the region’s rock and soul music genres.

Each member brings a different flavor to the group’s Rock style, and fans were soon part of a diverse audience that welcomed a new and different sound for Billings Montana.

With decades of combined professional stage experience, the talent and energy of Not Your Boyfriend’s Band immediately drew interest and crowds to local and regional venues, that welcomed one of Montana’s most versatile Rock artist groups, who have played with soft, medium, hard and even metal groups from all over the area.

One of the Billings “Best New Bands” of 2017

Not Your Boyfriend’s Band: All original female-fronted exploratory rock band that placed in the Magic City Music Awards “Best New Band” category after only one show!Not Your Boyfriends Band Plays Billings

  • Wendolina Chávez – Vocals
  • Brian Epley – Guitar & Piano
  • Kenneth Clark – Drums
  • Pete Bolenbaugh – Bass & Piano
  • Mike Beyl – Guitar

Special Thanks to Scott Wagers for many
of the live performance photographs.

Not Your Boyfriends Band in Billings
From left to right: Mike Beyl, Brian Epley, Pete Bolenbaugh, Wendolina Chávez, and Kenneth Clark.

“I did not expect to see what I saw and heard … rock refreshed.”
—Cody Matteucci, Portland OR


“Love the tunes and a blue ribbon for stage performance.”
—Josh Bourassa, Denver CO


“Dynamic song writing with an impressive variety of pace and style.”
—Andrew Parent, Worden MT


“Awesome vocal duets and harmonies with male and female vocals.”
—Dustin Bennett, Ephrata WA


“Killin’ it with a Stratocaster, Les Paul, Precision Bass, female vocals, and a thunder kit!”
—Tim Whitmer, Bozeman MT