Hendrix Birthday Bash Guitarmageddon at Pub Station November 26

Not Your Boyfriend's Band plays Jimi Hendrix

Celebrating Jim Hendrix’s Birthday

Celebrating Jimi Hendrix’s birthday with a variety of local musicians playing his classic hits and more. Not Your Boyfriend’s Band will perform a set of Hendrix tunes.

Other featured performances by: Matt Devitt, Peter Bolenbaugh, Mike Byle, Marco Castro, Wendolina Chavez, Ken Clark, Brian Epley, Rich Feeley, Dave Kosmann Jr., Raphael Lopez, Levi Luoma, Neil Olsen, Erik Olson, Becky Sappington, Matt Taggart, Scott Waddington, Pat Whitmer, Sean Young.

Not Your Boyfriend's Band Billings Montana
Each year in November, local Billings Montana musicians, gather for a Birthday Bash in Jimi Hendrix’s name, to honor the late artists classic songs. Not Your Boyfriends band played a set.